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Originally Posted by Shredmaster007 View Post
I did a 180 on the rare earth and ordered a Bartlett Mic B instead - least intrusive as possible and gives me simple quarter inch jack and can leave it in my guitar case and just clip it on. Should really be enough for open mic I think and probably will work well with an S1 Pro that I'm going to pick up.

This particular 45 just sounds too perfect to mess with - it is the 'one'. I play it constantly and want to use it as much as I can, but decided I wouldn't change anything on it for the world.

On a side note - the more I listened to samples K&K (even with tonedexter) - the less I like it unless it is dual sourced. I think the Baggs and Fishman mags are the way to go.

I like the mag mic combos. The softer it is the more mic I use. At open mics, usually I can use some mic, but occasionally I have to turn it off. When I do my own sound I use plenty of mic. I would be scared to have to use a guitar live with just a mounted mic though.

Let us know how the Bartlett Mic B works out. I would guess that it would be wonderful for recording but feedback prone live at all but the softest levels. Here’s to hoping I am wrong!
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