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Default 12-string Taylor has run out of truss rod adjustment

What to do? I have a 12-string Taylor, about 22 years old. The neck has bowed (lower at 1st fret, higher at 12th fret), and the truss rod has no more room to adjust. It's still playable at the first five frets and to some degree at the upper frets, but I would like to flatten the neck, if possible. Is there anything that can be done? I've Googled this and found nothing practical. The guitar sounds good, still.
I've set it a full step lower (to D instead of E). Among other things, I am afraid that it will bow even further and then become unplayable. There is not a single turn left in the truss rod in that if I go any further the nut will come off.
I don't have much experience repairing or adjusting guitars, but there is no one around here who can do it (I live in China and can't go to Hong Kong because of the Covid-19 situation).
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