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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
Have you looked at Lagrima or Adelita yet?

Here's Per Olov Lindgren playing Lagrima
Thanks, I'll look at that.

Originally Posted by AndreF View Post
How ‘bout:
“Ole Beethoven Had a Farm” e i e i o….

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Seriously though, the above pieces you listed are not exactly easy. In other words, you’re looking for something easier than that?
I would give the Bach Minuett in G a try. It’s the very popular one he wrote for his wife Anna Magdalena Bach. You’ll find it.
It’s accessible enough, and can be very instructive as a learning tool.
Another is the famous Bourree from the first lute suite in Em. While not easy, it’s more accessible than most of the other material in the Suites. And melodies you can keep track of, both in the trebles and the bass. Also good for learning.
Similar to the ones I listed I suppose. I used to play both those Bach pieces years ago on steel. Thanks for the reminder.

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