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Default Another tuner upgrade question - Cordoba

Have done some thread searches for this, but am finding myself getting a bit overwhelmed and could use some advice..

I’m not a classical guitarists per se, but more of a “crossover” type. Considering if it is worthwhile to upgrade tuning machines on my Cordoba Orchestra CE. I’m not having any specific issues with the stock tuners, but this is becoming my “go to” guitar so I am willing to invest a little bit for tuning stability. Since this is a modestly priced guitar I’m not looking for “premium” tuners that might cost a relatively high percentage of what I paid for the guitar- $500. I’m thinking $75.00 or hopefully less might get the job done. I have a good bit of experience with steel string tuners (Grover, Schaller, Gotoh, etc.), but not nylon string.

Anyone have experience with this upgrade on this model or similar Fusion series Cordobas?

What are some good online sources beyond StewMac and AllParts?

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