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Another lessons update: we had a guitar class today, and then won't have another for 2 weeks due to parent/teacher conferences later this week and spring break next week.

It was apparent that some (most) of them have been putting in some practice time: they are getting the chords, but still slow to make the changes for a song. Today, they learned "Happy Birthday to You" and I gave them their assignment for over spring break: with the chords that they have learned, bring in a song they want to learn that uses those chords. I will learn the song and teach it to the class. Pretty easy assignment... they don't have to learn the song, just look around on the internet and find a song.

Two kids came into class with their guitars not tuned and the other kids were encouraging but let them know that they were wasting class time.

One kid today asked, "Do you know how to play an F#min7th?" He thought it must be a "really hard chord to play because the name is so long." We haven't gotten to bar chords, yet.

Still plugging away at it. Only a couple weeks more of lessons after their break before the Blonde and I head back to Texas.