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I've used a number of glues, only two of which have worked well (I did a lot of testing before I used any of them on actual guitars). I don't know how well they last, the oldest is only 5 years old. I use ultra-thin CA glue, which tends to run all over and make a bit of a mess, which is fine if it's a new build. I've recently used the gel thickness CA glue, which is far more controllable and doesn't make nearly as much of a mess, but acts slower. I've used straight acetone, which wicks in really well and holds fine, no mess, but it needs to be held firmly for quite a long time, it's not very fast. I've made cellulose glue by dissolving binding scraps in acetone, great for repairs to chip binding or blending seams, edges. Kind of like binding bondo. I'd probably try Ducco but I can't seem to buy it in Canada (or they won't ship it, I forget which).
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