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Originally Posted by IBKuz View Post
Bruce, always a pleasure to see your build thread for the quality of the woods you use. Your BRW surely is something to see (judging from this last set you have just shown), yet surprisingly it would be your mahogany stash that would be a must see for me. You seem to have an unending supply of beautiful sets. I suspect your maple billets would be another highlight of the visit
My goal over the years of acquiring my wood stash has been to be able to offer a full spectrum of ultimate quality Tonewoods for as long as I would be building. Of course there is no certainty regarding just how long that would be. If I go another ten years at my current pace, which seems unlikely, I will probably not run out of BRW, definitely won't run through my Honduran Mahogany, but will longingly remember the days when I had the most killer Pernambuco the world had ever seen.

I do have more Big Leaf Maple than I expect to use as carving those big back is an ever more daunting task. And yet parting with these beauties for mere money is more than I can bear.

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