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Originally Posted by Nailpicker View Post
Seriously Glenn, I think your recording hiatus may have been beneficial. Your Guild 12 string sounds great as always, but your voice to my ear sounds, if anything, better.

Glad your surgery went well, but don't push it too soon. My bro-in-law got impatient with his hip replacement, pushed the envelope on his recovery time causing complications and dodged a bullet almost having more severe problems.
Hi Nailpicker,

It's so great to hear from you! And thanks so much for the compliment about my voice.

You know, a lot of how my voice works out these days is dependent on what's in the air. We have a large hay pasture between our house and the river, so when they are cutting hay, it's hard on sinuses. Half of our acreage is in forest land, which is good for cutting firewood, but the alders are murder on sinuses. Behind our property is a huge tract of Weyerhaeuser land, so there are more trees to cause trouble. Then again, it's quite beautiful!!

I think right now the pollen count is down, so that is helpful. And you are probably right; the rest on my vocal cords was probably a good thing, too. It has been good to slow down for a while, really my first extended vacation since I graduated from college in 1970. It has been good to take it easy for a little while.

Also, thanks for your concern about my recovery. I am very aware of my limitations right now and certainly am taking your warnings to heart.

Thanks so much for commenting, Nailpicker. I always appreciate reading your reactions!

- Glenn
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