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Rosette is made with Purflex from Petros with abalone ring:

morrissey a.jpg

Now a couple of very handsome fellows with a very handsome guitar!!!

morrissey c.jpg

morrissey b.jpg

For the detailed people: It has BRW bindings and bridge. 5 piece laminated neck with Mahogany, maple, curly mahogany. Macassar ebony head plate and really awesome fossilized Walrus Bridge Pins.Finger board has a 16 inch radius, 25.5 inch scale, 1 3/4 inch nut.

At Woodstock the action was a little high, which is normal for the first set-up, I mentioned that to Patrick, he agreed and when I picked it up he had lowered the action and it plays like butter, a perfect set up.

Any questions please ask, otherwise enjoy. This is a fantastic instrument.

Thanks Roberts for sending me that way! I owe it all to you or I can blame it all on you hahaha!
PS. I love guitars!
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