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Originally Posted by charles Tauber View Post
If you're willing to share, I'd be interested in hearing about those.
No problem Charles.
There are probably quite a few things i've definitely forgotten, i'll have to try and think which points have come from the guys in the workshop but off the top of my head the main points that have been made to me were firstly about cutting the neck angle join. We made up a jig to cut it on the table saw as I was having a few issues getting it accurate enough using the router. It was indeed much more accurate using the table saw. After doing that we had a very extended debate about why you would ever want to make a guitar with a bolt on neck design. I couldn't convince them that in some cases it's a better option than a permanently fixed glued on neck. They were having non of it.
The carpentry guys have some interesting solutions to filling gaps and holes. often involving various types of resins and similar substances. None of which have really worked out that great for me though and i'm back to CA glue and fine sawdust.
Also installing bolt inserts by using a drill press using a bolt with 2 nuts half way up as stoppers and the insert screwed onto the end, then turning the chuck by hand as you pull the drill press down. This method made my inserts go in much straighter than my efforts just using a hand drill or a screwdriver.
I'm sure there are other points and next time i'm in the workshop i'll look through my stuff I have stored there and see what things jog my memory.
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