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Originally Posted by LouieAtienza View Post
Wow David beautiful work! Great to see your progress with each build!
Thanks Louie! That means a lot! i do feel like im starting to get there... and there's definite progress, this guitar smokes my last steel string build, especially for sound, and that guitar is one I play every week and i'd say it still sounds decent.

Originally Posted by Monsoon1 View Post
The part that impresses me the most is that this is just your fourth build. You must have really done your homework befor you started!
I got/get a huge amount of help from the guys here on the AGF build section. I do and have read a stupid amount of information online, I bought and read Trevor Gore's book, I spoke/speak to a bunch of luthiers mostly online and I've now played a lot of different guitars. So yes you could say i did a lot of homework, and I did, but i also had no issue with just getting on with building something and seeing what happened.
There are numerous different theories of how to make a good guitar. I'd like to say i'm heading in the direction that I think suits the style of instrument I would like and what build processes made sense or were simplest to accomplish the same things.
The other thing I personally have found useful, especially for a how-to-make-that-bit question is to talk to non-luthier carpenters or cabinet makers about how they might do it. They would often have a simpler solution than the typical luthiery one. Or if not simpler, perhaps more repeatable or more accurate, and if their solution is the same, thats even better.
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