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Originally Posted by Quickstep192 View Post
OK, one more try.
Emmsone Night and Starry Night side-by-side
Well i was definitely not inspired from Van Gogh, but its not a million miles away, i can see where you are coming from

Originally Posted by Quickstep192 View Post
I'm interested to hear how you do with the Crystalac. Luthier's Mercantile says it's the real deal, but I've also read that it has the dreaded bluish cast that many waterborne finishes have.
I haven't had a chance to spray the actual clear yet, that will be done in January. What I have discovered as mentioned previously is that the sealer at least is quite cold-temperature sensitive. I'd rather not find out if the clear is too, i'll be getting a radiator for the workshop. I'll keep you updated on how it goes though. i'd quite like it to be good as its a pretty simple product, no mixing hardeners or thinners etc. I may need to do something different with their pore filler as it hasn't filled the end grain on that body as well as i'd like. i may even resort to using some generic hardware store spray can filler/sealer to get rid of the wood grain. The guys at Crystalac did tell me it sprays over just about anything as long as its fully dry and cured.

Originally Posted by Halcyon/Tinker View Post
That really is quite the redwood top!

What's the finish?
I'm told it's a Melamine acid catalysed lacquer. I know Rory Dowling at Taran guitars was telling me at the Holy Grail show he uses Melamine and was raving about it, I didn't realise thats what my guy was using, but you are indeed correct that redwood looks amazing and so does the finish i'll get to see it in person again in just 2 days time!

As for the bridges...
after the ebony one was tweaked and a radius sanded into the base to match the guitar top, its now down to 22.1g and has made me much more likely that i'll be installing the ebony vs the Rocklite. The Rocklite one also had its base radiussed and is now at 16.9g which is probably too light. I'm going to oil the ebony one tomorrow.
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