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I just bought a used Trenier for about 7k. It is gorgeous and sounds like the heavens. Follow Trenier, Andersen, etc on reverb and eBay. When you see one, just call the seller, if it is a shop. I would first figure out what you want exactly, then be ready. In my opinion, if Iím spending 7k on a guitar, it is going to be acoustic only. This way, you can play PB strings and get the full acoustic sound. If you want to have a pickup, then that is a different game, and the best luthiers actually carve their archtops for electrics differently. All that being said, I think 6-8k will get you to just about as good as possible if you play your cards right. Go to Andersenís websiteóhe will build new for 6k or so, which is beyond reasonable. Many luthiers will have customers trade guitars in for new custom builds, and then sell their own used guitars at very good prices. Find the luthiers you like and keep an eye out. There are past threads on these luthiers, which are great and helped me out a ton. Good luck.

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