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Originally Posted by LouieAtienza View Post
I think using 5 springs and adjusting the screws that the trem plate completely touches the top is a good idea, and one I've done in the past.
There is always the issue of string bends pulling the other strings flat. With a block, that can’t happen.

If you remove the back plate from your Strat, play some chords and feel the block and listen to the springs — the whole system is vibrating and resonating. It’s almost like an acoustic guitar with the soundhole in the back. I feel you would lose the least string energy by blocking the block tightly with the same wood as the body, with all five springs on and the claw cranked in so the whole bridge lays flat on the guitar top.

I guess I’m going to have to make my own, or hire EC’s guitar tech to come up to Boise and make me one.
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