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Originally Posted by BEJ View Post
Thanks for your concern, but in this case I think giving up on #2 is the right thing to do. I've redone the binding once and have cut through the kerfing in a few places, it would take major work to correct/redo. Some times it's better to move on the the next build, I think the time will be better spent on new builds what with my increased skill and knowledge gained.

I've let less time elapse between builds this time and shouldn't have to remember the things I said I wouldn't do again but forgot because it was awhile ago. I feel now I'm getting the woodworking aspect down and these next builds will be a big step up. Still going to be very basic featured, but I feel like I should nail the basics before adding the blingy things.

On giving a guitar to a player or starting out student, one thing I don't want to do it give out something that isn't a tunable/playable instrument. I'm not a player and will need to have someone check out what I've produced and pass on it before I let it out. Have been working on this but 2 things have slowed this process. One I haven't get to the point anything is ready to check out and Covid status. I've talked to some players in my church music group but things are still up in the air so to speak around here.

The first guitar construction book I purchased was David Russell Young's steel string acoustic construction book and he included a paragraph that has stuck with me all these years.

Basically he said that it's a good thing to have the integrity to know when something is too far off to be saved and it's far better for the soul to accept that and destroy that failed attempt rather than suffer with the knowledge that it's out there somewhere in the world.

Follow your ideals.
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