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Originally Posted by NormanKliman View Post
I would call that Travis picking before I called it fingerstyle. The latter term isnít well defined, as far as I know, such that all Travis pickers are fingerstylists but not all fingerstylists are Travis pickers. I know you know this, I realize itís splitting hairs, and I wouldnít normally correct anyoneís usage of the term, but since you corrected his with that example...

It seems to me that fingerstyle means two things: (1) in a very broad sense, playing the guitar with your fingers instead of a pick, and (2) specifically, a style of playing the guitar without a pick that was developed in the late 20th century and that combines several techniques and musical influences (examples of those techniques and influences would round out this definition).

And when I say pick, Iím referring to holding a plectrum between your fingers, so Iíd (grudgingly) concede that fingerstyle includes the use of thumbpicks and banjo picks, although "fingerpick" would be a better term for that, in my opinion.
How about if the more relevant part of his post IMO, is addressed?
Originally Posted by Don W View Post
3 fingers are required for fingerstyle. 1 or 2 finglers are fine for pattern fingerpicking...both are great but they are different. In order to play bass, rhythm and melody at the same time you need 3 fingers...there are a few guys that occasionally use 4 fingers.
Since Merle Travis, who clearly did all that with thumb and index, has already been addressed, perhaps we should look at this guy to see that Travis was not a fluke?
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