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Some notes on choosing inverters and chargers. Look for inverters that have fans that are heat regulated. Many of the cheaper ones (pure sine included) utilize 'always on' fans. Fans make noise.....

Many cheaper inverters use fuses that are board soldered. Only buy inverters that use fuse holders (and carry an extra fuse). The most common fuse blowing cause is reverse voltage. I've done this twice in eight months. It's easy to be careful with this but some brainiacs (like me) only learn via experience. My other inverter that has board soldered fuses is currently toast (some 3 months later) because I haven't had the time to find and solder on a fuse holder. Only but inverters that have fuse holders oem.

USB connectors are nice but you can buy cheap adapters.

Buy a charger that pushes at least 15 amps. Larger batteries take too long to charge otherwise. Many people can get by with overnight charging routines but I quickly learned that it's too time intensive and you'll end up wanting your charging done asap.

I use a 25amp charger and it's still not fast enough.

If you're handy and like to repurpose stuff, there are machines and devices that use excellent pure sine inverters and sometimes these are combined with battery chargers. Many times you can find these dirt cheap , used on eBay. Uninterruptible power supplies (the best, expensive ones) are excellent for this. Dead ones can be found on midtown street corners year round.
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