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Originally Posted by ColdEye View Post
Any recommendations for one? This is all very new to me. I want to get this right the first time, cant go throwing money on the wrong stuff.
I have a Cotek SK200-112, about $150 thru Amazon now (it was $130 when I got mine earlier this year). I picked it after reading about several brands. Be aware this is an inverter only - not a packaged system like the Duracell. You still need a battery, cables, some way to package and transport, etc. You need to pick the right power rating - if you decide to overkill and get a 1 kW inverter when all you need is 300 W (for example only - I don't know what your amp actually draws) you'll run down your battery needlessly due to the inherent inverter efficiency dropping under low load. If you're further interested let me know and I can send you a PM with more info.

I sized mine based on the rated input power of my amp (100 VA). I sized the battery (35 amp-hr) based on the current I measured my amp pulling from the wall (converted to a DC current supplied from a 12 volt battery) and the need to be able to run my amp for 5 hours on a charge. Not hard, but I have a solid professional background in electronics and power generation.
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