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Originally Posted by capefisherman View Post
How do you like the overall sound of the Sunburst? Please let me know ASAP as I have a wedding to play on 6/3 and with Amazon Prime I would have to order one today to have it by early next week, giving me time to experiment with it before the job. thanks, Gene
Is the wedding outside? Are you going to put vocals and guitar through the amp?

At 20 watts with smallish speakers the M1 model I have is probably a little too small for that. I'd use it for solo guitar at a small outdoor wedding but wouldn't put vocals through it.

I've never played the M3 or M6 but my feeling is they would have enough power. 30 watts and bigger speakers. Still depends on what you are putting through it.

At least with Amazon Prime you'd be able to return it. Wouldn't help your practice schedule though.

For an outdoor wedding ceremony where I was playing solo guitar and providing PA for the officiant I'd grab my Crate Limo. I'm still jonesing pretty good for the Sunburst M6BR8 so I'd like to hear what you do.
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