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I've been using the Roland Street Cube for about 2 years now for small, outdoor 'acoustic' weddings and it's done a pretty decent job but I have to be mindful of my placement to avoid a quacky sound. I use it with a Shure SM58 mic and my Godin nylon string guitar and have gotten quite a few compliments with it---it definitely gets the job done. I've used it successfully for weddings with up to about 30 people. The good thing about it is that it has 3-band eq on both channels as well as separate effects for each; and 6 AA batteries last forever!

I think it would be perfect for a jam session but I've never plugged a bass guitar in it so I can't comment on that.

However, I just purchased the Roland AC-33 as I've read only great things about it and it's supposedly a step up in the sound quality. FYI, Musician's Friend has a 15% off sale= $60 off the $400 AC-33.
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