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Originally Posted by Aramgreuter View Post
I canít wait to see a purpleheart hatcher! And obviously to hear what tonal results it willl yield. iíve got some sets and billets stashed, but am still a little afraid of bending them. They do ring......

Thanks Aram, I guess I should have clarified that better. That Josie will include Purpleheart in the wood inlays but, not the back and sides. I agree it rings nicely but you're going to have to be the first one to try bending those sides!

Originally Posted by Jamiejoon View Post
Wow Mark Hatcher you do such beautiful work. I thought MY Hatcher was your most beautiful one, but every new Hatcher I see, I think maybe I was wrong!
Thanks Jamiejoon!

Here is the Macassar Ebony fretboard with Koa binding coming along;

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