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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Wow--very cool how the dyed spalted wood is full-depth so that you see it from the side as well. Awesome detailing!
Thanks Nemoman. Ray does make an awesome headstock, not to mention the rest of the guitar!

Originally Posted by matthewpartrick View Post
very cool.

Apropos of nothing I know of a few luthiers that have picked up and moved cross country, Gage Halland being another, and a few others I'm forgetting. I can't imagine moving all that equipment. Last time I moved I basically nuked my attic, brought the guitars and the stereo, etc.

Congrats on the build
Thanks Matthew. In the past, Ray has had to move his shop over a half dozen times, mainly due the building being sold where he was renting shop space. Ray has collected some massive shop tools, many that weigh a couple tons. He has this huge lathe that used to be on a U.S. Navy air craft carrier (I think I am remembering correctly). He has some massive drill presses, sanders, band saws and a table saw, which are much more useful for guitar building. I took a lot of photos of Ray's shop, and plan to post those during the lull in this thread when my guitar is curing after the finish is applied.

I took more build photos at Ray's shop yesterday and should be posting those tonight.
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