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Yes.. Important to decide how much you will use it and how much you intend to spend. Important also to decide what you may use it for - look at expanding capabilities if necessary... A 16" wide unit will likely handle most electric duty... An 18" or 22" wide unit if you want to get into Acoustics...

I have the Jet Performax 22-44. Its great for my building hobby where I do a few a year and also play around with resawing (*cough* wrecking) guitar wood.... It is slow, but plenty accurate. If I was "Going into Production" and time really was money - I would re-evaluate to verify it still met my needs...

As it stands - it's far from my guitar making bottleneck... Finishing is my bottleneck.. But I would upgrade my bandsaw well before I went after the sander.... Big changes to my sander is very very low on the list.
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