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Default Incoming NGD-Rainsong CH-WS w/ Anthem

Iíve been using a McPherson Sable for a couple of years to play at church and have struggled with liking the Element pickup. I have been using a small Boss pedalboard I put together (Acoustic Preamp, EQ and Tuner) and it has worked pretty well, except for the transport and setup/breakdown. We have now switched to a service schedule that literally gives me two minutes to get my setup off stage as new staging, etc are brought in for the next service. And we are going to start playing another service in a separate auditorium fifteen minutes after breaking down the first service. Sorry for the long winded explanation, but this has led me to needing a self contained, plug straight in the PA, instrument with no need for extraneous tuner pedals, preamps, etc. so I have decided to go with the Rainsong CH-WS with the Anthem Stagepro. Should have it in the next two weeks, looking forward to itís arrival.

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