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Hi John, The OP said the answer was needed quickly, and that was six weeks ago.

But as long as this is back on the table, Iíll recommend that you all have a go at Manciniís ďCat and MouseĒ from Victor/Victoria. I spent a few weeks trying to do all the parts and now just play the intro (up to 0:26) as a warm-up for the left hand. The fingering is really tough, but once you work it out itís fun to play and will stretch your left hand thoroughly and gradually, which is what I like about it. Great addition to the repertoire of exercises for warming up cold and uncooperative hands.

In A minor in standard tuning and playing with your thumb, you slur the open sixth string (hammer on) and follow through on the fifth and fourth strings, starting like this:


Check it out, itís a lot of fun. And if anyone can play all three parts (0:27 onward), drinks are on me!

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