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Originally Posted by FPerezRoig View Post
Yes please! It would be great. If you could share the CAD file that would be awesome.
I'll write it up and post it to my website. I'll post the link here when it is done.

The catch with parametric CAD systems is that each uses its own proprietary modelling kernel. What that means, practically, is that exporting the model from the native authoring CAD system strips off the "intelligence" of the parametric model. What you get upon export is only the "dumb", static geometry, losing the ability to change parameters (dimensions) to alter the geometry.

Some modern CAD tools have the ability to edit model geometry without the need for the parametric data. Better than nothing, but not the same.

The models I have are currently in Fusion 360 and Onshape.

If those formats are of use to you, I can make them available. (Fusion 360 now requires a subscription to export models in non-native formats, such as STEP and DXF. Onshape still allows it for free and I can export models in those "dumb" formats.)
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