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Originally Posted by TBman View Post
Great job Glenn!

I'm another old f--t that generally avoids electric, but when there's little or no distortion I'm fine with them. I think this type of tune it has to be played with one.
Hi Barry!

Thanks for your thoughts Barry! And thanks for listening!

I agree you. I mostly like electric guitars clean or with just a little bit of overdrive to cause thickening and some slight breakup on louder notes. But rarely do I use much distortion.

I tried a recording of this song with my acoustic Guild 12-string, and it sounded good. It just sounded better, at least to me, with the Ric 12-string. So I thought, why not?

Regarding age, I think I may be older than you by a few years. I turn 73 in a month.

I hope all is well for you Barry! Be well!

- Glenn
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