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Originally Posted by Cecil6243 View Post
Where I added the count for 4/4 time?

This is a segment of two bars of a practice piece that alternates between strumming and melody lines.

I want to keep the strumming hand in an up and down motion, even where there are no notes or chords, which sadly is fairly new to me as I didn't originally learn it that way. I learned almost all fingerpicking. But I am correcting that!

I would count the half note as 1 & 2 & ...the dotted 1/4 note 3& 4...the 8th note just &,
but it has been an awfull long time since I had a teacher looking over my shoulder saying no count it like this, my thinking is the way you have counted gives the impression that the 4th beat is silent like a rest but it's not it's a continuation of the note played on the 3rd beat.
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