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Originally Posted by Victory Pete View Post
Both of these guitars have been lacquered and have gotten new strings. There is quite a bit of difference between them. They both had .050" clearance above bridge but have very different string clearances now. One is perfect and the other is pretty high. When I did these neck sets I did notice one was not at as much of an angle as the other. It was the one with the top that had no radius in it. I don't know why that had happened, both tops got glued the same way. I remember at the time that the tops, before braces, would sometimes warp if I left them on the bench overnight, I would then flip them over and they would straighten. I now hang them so they get equal air flow on each side. I guess if the top has no radius it will pull up more with string tension and that is how I got the high action. I did have the magic 1/2" string clearance to the top so I got some wiggle room to lower the saddle.
One thing I have noticed, the guitar with the flat top is very open, responsive and bassy, it would be great for finger picking. I think this indicates that the top is loose, I suppose from not have any stress in a radiused top. The other guitar with a small amount of dome to it's top, is very punchy and tight, that is how I like them being a strummer.
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