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Default String rattle/buzz, what could it be?

Hello people!

I have a Taylor 324e that makes a funny rattle/buzz around the bridge area (it seems to me its coming from the bridge at least). I have tried changing the saddle and the nut and humidifying the guitar but it seems the problem is probably elsewhere. I have also changed strings a few times. I used to have d'addario 0.012 but have now switched to elixir with the same gauge. The truss rod relief is ok from what I understand and the action on low E is around 2.3 mm I would say.

Here is a shared video with the sound:

I am a beginner when it comes to guitar tech so any ideas/help would be appreciated. I should also say that the buzz/rattle moves around, it is not centered around just one fret or so, but its generally below the 7th fret towards the first fret. It it also only heard from the three heavier strings: low E, A and D-string, also played open. As heard from the video the buzz also comes after the sound of the tone so it must be some part resonating or something? I should also say that I've disconnected and picked out the microphone aswell as taped up the other cable inside of the guitar.

Hope you have any ideas and are eager to help!

Thanks in advance - Karl-Wilhelm
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