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Default Novice builders and weather?

What do you guys do? And what do you more experienced guys do? I am at a point where the steps I need to perform are messy. Mainly routing binding channels. This is Texas and this time of year we have some of the most wild swings in temp and humidity. Itís 35 degrees this morning and will be a perfect 65 later today. Humidity will be very low for here though.

I had an issue last year with the last cool front catching me while gluing my back plates. Warm mild but muggy Texas morning. I glued and clamped and weighted the plates. It began to rain and by the time the rain stopped it was cool and crisp. I had a lovely Indian Rosewood potato chip the next day.

Now that my sound box is closed and the neck glued up Iím just waiting. What do you guys do? Or do you do nothing, realize this is a hobby and a slow one, and just wait it out.

I am a garage builder. I have a window unit to handle heat, but no heater to handle cold. A heater dries things out anyway.
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