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DMB is one of my all time favorites, even though his singing isn't more than average. I started playing guitar in the late 80's and he was a huge influence in high school and college. I remember my junior year of college turning the lights out and listening to him on my high end (for a college kid) audio system with my roommates. We'd sit there for hours.

Love how unique and complex his playing is. I wasn't a very good player back then, but I remember learning about "Dave Matthews chords" and loving the voicing. I still can't nail his crazy muting and percussive style, but I have fun trying.

Side story, he seems to be a pretty cool guy. DMB came to my college one year. A friend of mine was walking down the street on campus, and Dave stopped and asked if she wanted to get some dinner. They had a nice evening, no funny business, and she said he was just a normal guy not wanting to eat alone.
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