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my daughter introduced me to DMB back in the 90s. i always liked that they were musicians (and his phrasing always amazed me). i can't play his stuff very well (see: at all), but my son said he learned to play guitar just so he could play stuff for his sister (he's quite good and performs publicly). he's tried to teach me some dave songs, quite often he says, "So, Dave does something kinda weird here..."

fun aside: my daughter and i attended a new year's eve DMB/bela fleck/flecktones concert in the 90s (96?). last year, while driving around with my g'kids the radio popped up a live number from that actual concert. kinda cool telling the kids, "Hey...your mom and I were AT that concert!"

of course, dave got started here in charlottesville (and has a farm just up the road from me), so he's a local fave and an icon.
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