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Super Big Problem for myself.
I have been writing fingerstyle themes over the last several years to compliment some of my melodic strumming songs. Sometimes they are complicated long intros, and other times an entire fingerstyle piece.
I am working very hard to perfect each piece. Constantly updating or changing a few notes here and there.
I will work very hard on one piece for several weeks. Then I might come back to another piece previous to that and forget all of the little nuances, inflections, and note changes that I had worked so hard on.
Unfortunately I never learned to write music. Very frustrating when you forget your own material and all the little things that made that piece come alive.
The Solution is of course to record the compositions with an attached video focusing on just my hands and fingering. That is my next step. Never seem to get around to it though....cause I am still working, changing little things here and there.
Oh Well, there are some advantages though. If it is not good enough to remember, then composition wise, it was not quite there anyway.
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