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Originally Posted by JohnW63 View Post
I checked with the only music teacher I knew. He felt the brand's only value was firewood.

btw...How long does it take for violin strings to stop stretching? Guitars I know. Violins... Just a guess. Can you give the strings a bit of pressing and pulling before the bridge to get them to settle?
On the "firewood" comment - he may be correct. But if your wife is able to learn to play with it then it's fine. Most beginners on bowed instruments are going to make anything sound terrible at first. This is why I recommend renting.

About string stretch - most violins use tapered wood pegs in tapered holes instead of geared tuners. They're much more likely to slip than for the string to stretch. You can get "peg dope" to help them stay put. I prefer the kind that comes as a paste in a tube over the liquid drops.

I have over 20 instruments hanging on the wall in my music room. The 5 fiddles almost never need retuning, while the mandos, banjos and guitars frequently do.

There is a skill you develop for tuning up and gently pushing the peg into the tapered hole to seat it. Mechanical fine tuners on the tailpiece are helpful and not too costly. If a person is serious about violin I strongly recommend perfection pegs - geared tuners that look like standard wooden pegs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: when loosening/removing strings on a violin, NEVER remove or completely slacken all the strings at once (unless you're replacing the bridge or tailpiece). The bridge will fall over/off and getting it repostioned correctly is beyond the skill of most beginners. ALSO the sound post can fall over inside if the bridge comes off or you slacken all the strings a lot. Resetting a sound post requires special tools and skill. Change strings one at a time. If the sound post falls (you'll hear it rolling around in there) DON'T TUNE back up! There isn't enough support for the top without it.

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