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Here are some of my slides.
Top right are two deepwell sockets that I got at the local hardware store. beside them is a portable ash tray that's a little lighter.
In the middle are a lap steel slide, a medicine bottle, My oldest slide that I made from a wine bottle neck when I was in high school in the sixties, following the directions in a Sing Out! magazine. Next is a brass slide that was turned by a friend with access to a lathe.
In the bottom row are two Stevens steels.

My newest slide was made by a potter for her husband, but he gave it to me.

My friend Reg measured my finger with calipers and turned a brass slide for me circa 1980. Here I am about 40 years ago trying it out on an old S.S. Stewart.

-1962 Martin D-21
-1950 Gibson LG1
-1958 Goya M-26
-Various banjos, mandolins, dulcimers, ukuleles, Autoharps, mouth harps. . .

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