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Originally Posted by JonWint View Post
I have a "The Loar" LM-500-VS. Good quality from China.

If you think a mandolin looks better in F-Style as I do, you can find one for $500.
This too is a good recommendation and was my first entry into the mandolin. My only caution would be that the fretboard extension on the Loar LM 500 VS is not scooped so this can result in a fair amount of pick noise for a beginner. That aside, all that has been said above is accurate but for this reason I'd lean toward the Kentucky recommendations further above. Also bear in mind that you can get more mandolin for the buck in an 'A' model as the labor is much less. The sonic differences debated endlessly between 'F' and 'A' models simply don't exist. Too many folks long for an 'F' model as that's what Bill played!
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