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Originally Posted by Bjbny View Post
... What would you recommend as a mandolin for a beginner at less than $500?
Originally Posted by MC5C View Post
The Kentucky series of lower end mandolins seem to get very high reviews...
This one's just past the top of your range (FWIW it comes with a heavy-duty gig bag that adds a few bucks to the asking price, so take the fact that you won't need to shell out for a case into consideration); FYI I own the predecessor KM-180 version (mine's so old it came with an OEM chipboard case) and IME it's an excellent instrument for either a beginner or a doubler/occasional player - well-constructed, good factory setup (a matter of personal taste), and more volume/tone than anything else in its price bracket (more open-sounding than the competing Eastman A-models, and I'd personally stay away from the F-style mandos at this price point in the interest of tone/QC/value-per-dollar)
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