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I've been honored to play three Mule's ~ their U.K. stockist is based just down the road from our workshop.

This is a purely personal opinion and others may vary a lot!

The neck feels amazing ~ to me it's the best part of a Mule & if anyone asked me to spec-out my perfect resonator instrument it would be a National German Silver tricone with a Mule neck!

The single-cone Mule Resonators are pretty impressive ~ sweeter in tone and quieter than it's National Resophonic equivalent and the best of the two body materials to my ears was brass.

The tricone didn't do it for me soundwise ~ the general opinion of players experienced with tricone instruments was that the tone sounded compressed and 'muffled' ~ and all agreed it was due to the coverplate design. The traditional tricone triangular coverplate design offers more holes for the tone & volume to exit the body ~ the Mule tricone is built with a single-cone coverplate - fine for a large single cone, which is more powerful than the three smaller single cones, but seems to 'hold in' the volume & tone when used for a tricone system.

Hope this helps ~ again, this is a purely personal opinion from a seasoned resonator guitarist.

Ian (Diamond Bottlenecks)
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