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Originally Posted by Lillis View Post
Iím a perpetual beginner and just today started on Truefire. Going to work on David Hamburgers 30 essential fingerstyle riffs for beginners. That should keep me busy for the next three years. I need to make some progress during this down time!
That was the first thing Idid where finger style really began to stick. He serves it up in such bite sized pieces, the early lessons in those 30 are REALLY easy. But the thing that grabbed me was that even some of the early, really easy lessons, sounds recognizably like blues to me. Once I got through the first several lessons in that course, I knew I was gonna FINALLY stick with it. Iím playing considerably longer and more difficult things now, but I can still easily trace the building blocks from that course. Iíve stitched a few of those riffs onto longer stufff Iím doing now, either as intros or transitions between other things in the same key. That course grabbed me and pulled me in...

Have fun with it!

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