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Well, I SING like me... but I will "go up there" and catch the high notes if I'm gonna sing one of Neil's songs...

It's gotten to the point where hitting those high notes is a real work-out for my voice; at 68, I don't really do falsetto much, if at all, so I have to hit the high notes with full voice, using my breath to control the volume and tone...

As many have said, some of his songs just "want" to be played the way he wrote them (pretty much at least)... others have latitude and room for interpretation.

At times, I will string together a few of Neil's songs and "tell a story" with them... "I Am A Child", "Cinnamon Girl", Down By The River" and "Old Man"... lots of fun when I actually pull it off! (I do these on my 12 string)
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