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Originally Posted by vanceen View Post
A definition of "best" is pretty important when we're talking about Martin replicas.

Collectors and players have different values about guitars. A Martin or a Martin replica can fall into either category.

A collector would put value on hot hide glue construction, nitrocellulose finish, no adjustable truss rod, a dovetail neck joint, slotted bridge holes with slotless pins, a long "through" bridge, etc. etc. Any deviation from the above pretty much ruins a guitar for a collector of Martin-like vintage guitars.

And in my opinion and experience (though it's smaller than many on here), a spectacular guitar can be made without any of those things. I'd be willing to bet that something very much like an excellent vintage Martin can be made without any of those things.

Les Paul purists have these issues as well.
Hmmm. Iím not sure I agree with you there. Most people I know of are happy with some modern deviations from the Martin recipe, and I havenít see that impact the value of those guitars. I know of almost no builders that follow all aspects of the original formula. But I agree with you that there are many approaches that yield great tone.
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