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Ok, it seems like I can upload images successfully!

Let me give a little more background and few more pics(Please excuse the poor quality of some), if you masters here won't mind!?!

It's more that 10 years ago that I've started my luthier research, but not that much into guitars as mandolins and ukulele's. I've played mostly guitar since I was 14 but had no idea why some guitars sound better than others till I had my first experience of a high-end guitar about 6 years ago...'so why would I bother trying to build a guitar that would not sound better to any relatively cheap guitars..' I thought, knowing it would me impossible to own a high-end acoustic guitar!!

But my curiosity was hooked...and so the first acoustic guitar came about
It was more than I ever expected...

So here my journey continues...

But before that, I made a few ukes:

All-Zebra with Rhodesian teak fretboard and bridge.

These Leaf Tenor ukes was made from Kiaat (African timber), Indian rosewood fretboards and bridges.
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