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Yeah, I can tell just by looking over those variations that if they aren't impossible, they are definitely not worth the effort. I'd rather save it for an attempt at a movement from a Bach cello suite or violin partita/sonata.

I didn't know about Alaska Piks. I tried a few different plastic and metal fingerpicks designed mostly for banjos a while back, but didn't like any of them.

I'm pretty satisfied with the limitations of playing with a flat pick.
I mostly play by ear, mostly melodies, and I tend to invent my own pieces/improvisations based on imitating fragments of things I hear - sometimes even tv show themes. I'm not trying to become a performer, just explore music for my own enjoyment.

The best thing I did in years was take up the piano. It has helped me learn theory, ear, improv, and multiple voices far beyond what I would have just playing guitar. At this point, if I had to only play one instrument for the rest of my life, I'd choose the piano.
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