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Wow! Gorgeous! I just bought one of his newly re-designed 00-sized models at Woodstock and it's absolutely phenomenal. This is a great guitar at a very good price, without the 3-4 year wait along at his current pricing. These instruments are among the best built and sounding guitars I have ever played and owned, at a price point that makes me scratch your head and wonder how it's possible. Burton has designed his instruments around form and function, from the ground up, and based on his background and profession in the engineering department at Harvard, I'd say he definitely designed one heck of a mousetrap. I have no affiliation to the owner of this instrument nor the builder, I just want to make sure people that are unfamiliar with his work (or may be on the fence about buying one) understand what exactly is being offered for sale here and they know that these instruments don't become available very often. Good luck on your sale. I don't think this one will be here for long.
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