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Default Burton LeGeyt CLM Brz/Adi PRICE DROP $OLD

This is one of the best modern guitars I've ever owned, and literally the only reason I'm listing it is that I have a chance at what for me would be the Grail, a '31 OM. So, without further adieu, here is the link to the build thread that was started by the original owner:


There is mild to moderate corduroy effect where a pickguard would go; this is due to strumming as well as a very thin french polish finish. It does not show up well in any of the photos. No other condition issues.

Burton's list is closed right now, but his last base price was $7500. With the Brazilian and a few other touches, his price would be north of 10k right now. That said, I am offering the guitar at $6500 price drop. All AGF buy and sale rules apply.

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