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Originally Posted by lkingston View Post
It's a pretty easy thing to put an inline XLR pad between the mixer line level output and another mixer mic level input. Usually a 30db pad is about right.
Well the 10dB Fishman's pad is not near enough, but realistically why do that? He's simply trying to use a mixer with his SA 220 and have reverb. The extra cost of a mixer with effects is minimal as opposed to one without. Patching in an after market attenuator and cable will add to the cost and detract from the ease of set up. The Unit is set up to accept line level signals already, why add extra unnecessary steps to plug in the mixer where it doesn't belong? I really don't care how he does it, but if it were me, and I have already successfully done what he's attempting, I'd just bite the bullet and get a mixer with effects and plug it into the Monitor in. He is going to buy one anyway. The bonus is he'd have a lot more options for effects with the mixer's effects than the Fishman's reverb.
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