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Thanks to all for the informative responses! The "trend" in the comments above seems to lean toward mag. soundhole pup. That would have the added benefit of being the least invasive on the guitar while I try it out (I've decided to use one of the current herd). This morning I spoke with a long-time guitarist friend who's been playing part-time consistently in full bands for the last 40 years and has seen a lot of rigs. He also thought soundhole mag was the best route and suggested trying out the DiMarzio Black Angel or M1A. I like that I can try it first without any mods and get an initial impression. I've got a couple months of rehearsals to experiment with on-stage control (pre-amp, volume pedal, etc.) with some equipment I already have or can borrow. I'll start with the 10' quick mount cable just taped over the guard, but If I'm liking it after a few gigs I'll run it through the strap button. I think I'm dangerously close to a good plan. I've got a Larrivee dread with a Baggs UST that works well, but again, I'm hoping to use a smaller guitar w slightly shorter scale for this. Thanks again!
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