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Default Recommendation For Acoustic Guitar PUPS in Full Band Setting?

After many years I’m getting back onstage with a full “rock” band (2 electric guitarists, bass & drums). Other than an occasional “primary” guitar role (e.g., intro to Behind Blue Eyes), I’ll be playing mostly rhythm acoustic guitar (and lead vocals). I’m looking to set-up one of my acoustics with a pickup system. I haven’t decided yet which guitar yet, but it will be a spruce-topped 00 or 000. My main goals are being present in the mix and avoiding feedback. In this setting getting a “perfect/pure” acoustic tone is kinda secondary to these other two needs IMO. Obviously, I want it to sound good but we're not talking about a need for James Taylor tone here. I’ll be running the guitar into a Genzler Array Pro, which in medium/large venues will be go direct (or mic’ed) into the PA; so the soundman will have some control on the tone.

Given all of the above, what PUPS would you recommend? My thinking is a transducer type with onboard volume (and tone?) control like a K&K Pure (maybe with the Ultra Pure Pre-amp?). I'm guessing internal mic systems like Anthem or Lyric are more prone to feedback. I want to avoid an under saddle transducer but I’m open to using a soundhole cover/feedback buster as well. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
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