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I always disliked the Taylor system. The first one (in a 710) was difficult to get a good sound, but you could. Sold that one and ended up with a 814ce with the es system. Had issues with that one also. While cruising around the net I ran across a video with Bob Taylor and 2 others (sorry, memory must be slipping) about adjusting the ES system. Finished the video, turned on my system and dialed in my guitar. Pretty simple, I had just never thought about setting up the system correctly. Hey! Volume bass and treble, what else is there to know? Duh!
Too sharp/harsh? Bring the bass and treble up.
No mids? Turn the bass and treble down.
Then use the volume knob for most clean signal.
Or either knob…. The mids are fixed, so you adjust around them. I think of it as “gain staging” but for tone, not volume. Getting the best setting for tone only makes it easier to dial in the tone on a mixer or whatever.
I think…..but sometimes I read something I wrote and wonder what I was trying to say.
Taylor makes a good system FOR MY USES. Your experience could be a whole lot different. But this is my tale 😇
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